"Last Part Program" on Citizen Lathes

Citizen lathes are designed to machine the front and back halves of complex parts simultaneously. Last Part Program allows the operator to stop the running of a continuous cycle and finish the back half of the last part, without starting another part on the front spindle. Benefit: Gain an extra part!

 An Example of Implementation on the L20:

15.11 Executing the last program (G999)

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Below, G999 (TOP LEFT) is the start of our Last Part Program , concluding with N999, M2 and M99. Observe the highlighted use of Sub-Programs in the Queue (LOWER RIGHT).

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Two ways the machine "reads" the code between G999 and N999:
Auto Mode >> One Cycle & Last PRT soft key activated
(highlighted below). Back Side will "air cut" the first part and
machine the back side without starting another part.
Auto Mode >> Continuous Operation, Machine Parts Counter
& Last PRT soft key activated. Machine will execute Last Part
Program upon hitting the value entered into the Parts Counter.

Here's our original email blast of xx/xx/xx providing info about "Last Program Execute" function.

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