Note: For video the recording, we substituted brass so we colud run without cutting oil.

Part: Throttle Shaft

Material: 3/8" 12L14 Cycle Time: 2 min. 5 sec. (3 min. 19 sec. with engraving)

No. Of Tools Used: 10 (tooled with Sandvik QS quick change system)

Barfeed: MCC – C320 with quick change channels

Coolant: Blaser Vascomill 22

Notes: We are utilizing a barfeed parameter setting for front ejection and programming the main spindle collet to release the material for the last part from the bar. We use the sub-spindle C axis and S2 spindle rotation to finish the end of the part while still in the guide bushing side. If we used standard programming, this part would have an 18” long remnant. With this creative programming, we are getting a 2”-3” remnant. 

We are also showing the long work piece device and the 3PM (formerly ATAM) tool monitoring system for this process.

Key features:

  • Low Cost but very rigid design utilizing "roller" linear guides
  • Fanuc 32i control with Citizen Streamline Control features
  • 1” drill sleeves / 6 turning tools / 4 front / 4 back / 4 live
  • Able to machine from the sub spindle to the GB gang for milling or turning.
  • 32 mpm rapids (1260 ipm)
  • C2 axis following C1 axis command standard
  • Pre-Processing function is user switchable
  • Sandvik quick change and 100% Sandvik tooling shown at IMTS
  • Long Workpiece Support used to eject and support the shaft
  • 3PM tool monitoring used to monitor all tools. The system is using three sensors; two are on the main gang plate and one is on the sub-spindle. You can see a tool signature in the picture to the right.

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